Our New Normal

Response of Sarah Skovran Nutrition to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Update April 2021

More than one year later, here we still are. While it seems like the end is in sight, we're just not there yet. I continue to  hold appointments only via telephone or video call.


And here's the thing: I am getting more referrals than ever for issues relating directly to effects from this damn pandemic. I get it. I am here for you. Please reach out if you need support or just someone to tell you you're doing fine.

Also. Wash your hands.

August 2020

Like everyone else, I have been keeping an eye on the news regarding the coronavirus and COVID-19.

Mid-March, I made the decision to move entirely to virtual sessions until further notice. My understanding was those next weeks would be critically important in slowing the spread of COVID-19, so the best thing we could all do is stay in, take good care of ourselves, and do everything we can to avoid catching the virus or passing it to others. I started practicing social distancing any time I had to be out, and I encouraged you to do the same.

At the time, my hope was that it would only be a couple of weeks, but as things have been changing from one day to the next it was impossible to predict. And so, as of now, all appointments will be held virtually through the end of the summer. At the very least.

What does this mean? I am still making appointments, but we will meet via Telehealth instead of in my office. I am happy to use your preferred format: FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom, but please keep in mind that none of these formats are HIPAA compliant. If that concerns you, I also have a Telehealth portal that meets HIPAA standards. We can discuss  your preference when you make your appointment, and I can plan accordingly.

Lastly, this is a stressful time in an unprecedented situation. However you're coping (or not!) is probably reasonable, so please give yourself compassion and understanding. Remember that self care is more important now than ever, both physically and emotionally. If you need extra support or would like help figuring out how to make food work for you during this time, I am here. Just say the word.

Be safe. Stay home. Wash your hands. We’re all in this together.