Intuitive Eating


Many of us are out of touch with how we feel and how we perform our day to day tasks; we rely on external sources to tell us what to eat and when. Getting back to this connection can make eating a pleasure again. If you're ready to let go of calorie calculators and food scales, I am ready to guide you to intuitive eating. This type of work requires multiple appointments.

Adolescent Nutrition


If you're a teen or a parent of a teen, you know how hard it can be to fuel a growing body, especially with rigid school schedules. Add a sport or activity, and chances are you're confused about how to get what you need in a way that makes sense. That's where I come in... safe and practical teen nutrition. For athletes too!

Child Nutrition
& Infant Feeding

How much should you feed your baby? When and how should you start offering table foods? Does your teenage athlete eat enough? All kids are different, and this is especially apparent when you're trying to feed them. Let's work together to navigate the parent-child feeding relationship for peaceful mealtimes.

Plant-Based Diets

Getting started with plant-based eating can be intimidating. I have experience helping people increase their consumption of plant foods, transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet, and in nutritional problem solving within the plant-based lifestyle. It is possible to eat a plant-based diet that is both healthy and tasty!

Body Image, Eating Disorders & Food Anxieties

Have you been limiting your diet in an attempt to "feel better" but nothing is working? Does the thought of eating certain food groups make you nervous? Are you ready to give up dieting, but body image concerns are holding you back? There are lots of reasons why you relationship with food might not be what you'd like it to be. I can help with these issues, as well treatment for eating disorders.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Do you have a medical condition and wonder if it could be improved through nutrition? Are you confused about how to eat a complete and enjoyable diet with a medically limited diet? I can decipher the latest research to make sure your eating plan is safe and effective. If your health care provider would like you to see a nutrition practitioner, I accept referrals.

General Wellness and Healthy Eating

If you would like help navigating the newest nutrition trends, or want to learn more about how to eat best for your body and your lifestyle, I can help with that too! My practice is 100% weight neutral. Whatever you're looking for, I promise to never put you on a diet.