Who I am and what I do...

Who I am...

My name is Sarah Skovran, and I am a registered dietitian

nutritionist. I live on the coast of Maine with my husband and

my son. You can often find me dancing in my living room or

laughing till I snort.


For more serious details about me, see this other page over here.

For answers to random questions, see the FAQ.

What I do...

I help people feel better about the food they're eating, so they can feel better.

It's as simple as that.

All my work is 100% anti-diet, weight-neutral, and conducted through a Health At Every Size lens.


My specialties include:

  • practical and safe teen sports nutrition

  • intuitive eating, even if you have medical issues like allergies or IBS, or food preferences like ethical veganism

  • body image and dissatisfaction

  • food anxieties and fears

  • eating disorders, including the oft-forgotten orthorexia and ARFID

  • disordered eating (this can mean one or more issues, like weight cycling, binge eating, or esoteric food rules)

  • peaceful family mealtimes using the Division of Responsibility

  • sane plant-based eating

  • critical thinking for understanding nutrition news in the media or nutrition advice from friends


You can learn to feed yourself and your family a wide variety of foods.

You can learn to feel safe in the body you have right now.


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